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Author: JJ from US

I have been using Somatropinne for a few months now and I am not sure if it is working. My energy levels are much lower, my memory is fuzzy...I think I may need to take a break from it and see if things improve.

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Author: Peter W. from Missouri

My energy has improved, my muscles have gotten bigger, I have lost some weight, and I am sleeping better. I am very pleased with the product. Well worth the cost!

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Author: Arnold from San Fran

It did nothing but make me sick to my stomach so yeah, I did lose weight but I gained no muscle at all. I gave it 2 weeks and it never went away so I stopped using it

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Author: Phillip from London

I'm happy as of now. Worked for the time I've had it and it's been good so far.

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Author: Harry King from Somatropinne Forum

Not too bad but I've had better. It was reasonably expensive for what it is and I found results took a while to happen. Not the worst I've seen though.

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Author: Anonymous from Somatropinne Forum

Worst I've used so far. No results whatsoever and it had several side effects. Not happy at all. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Author: Anonymous from Somatropinne Forum

Did you gain weight from it? Like fat weight? My friend was taking this and I sweat she is getting fatter. I am worried but don't want to hurt her feelings :/

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Author: Anonymous from fr

nice hgh product - better than injections

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Author: Anonymous from Somatropinne Forum

$50 for these? Are you joking? I didn't see any results at all and I even waited a few months. Terrible.

Author: Ryan from UK

They worked fine for me. Were you eating right and working out? It seems the only people who do not see results are the ones that think taking a pill will help them magically transform their bodies.

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Author: Alex from Somatropinne Forum

These worked for the first 2 weeks and then I stopped seeing results. I waited a few months and I basically stayed the same, wouldn't really recommend these.

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Author: Dez from Somatropinne Forum

Is it safe to take Somatropinne pills with the HgH Spray? If so, will it create more HgH in the body and increase muscle mass?? Thanks

Author: Chris H from Somatropinne Forum

Yes, you can combine the HGH pills with the HGH spray to increase the results.

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Author: Steven from Somatropinne Forum

This is one of the worst products i have ever used i spent a good $50 on it and its terrible nothing worked about it i gained no muscle or not even fat or anything Awful!

Author: Anonymous from Somatropinne Forum

I'm in the same position. Paid a lot for these expecting more than I got. This is ridiculous, I'm tempted to ask for a refund.

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Author: Joshua from Big

I am a body builder. Yeah. I am not impressedddd by this product, but I am not dissapointed, you know? Its okay.

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Author: Alden from Uk

Somatropinne isn't doing it for me. I have tried it , but seen no real results and some side effects

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Author: Syd from Rideville

this product seems to make me thirsty. I am drinking 10 glasses of water a day. I dont know if i can drink more

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Author: Chris H from San Diego

This product happens to be very good. I've been taking it for 3 years and I feel great. I would definitely recommend it. The other HGH Supplements are junk. From the same site, you can also get HGF Max which I havent tried but I've heard good things.

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Author: Dan from Australia

This product is great and works well.

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Author: Chack from USA

I'm not 18 yet. Can I try this HGH product?

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Author: Nick from Somatropinne Forum

Try one of top products in this HGH forum. They will work. Somatropinne is not one of them.

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Author: Anonymous from TX

Gave me headaches

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Author: jeremy from Somatropinne Forum

hey anonymous, donot buy it I had only side effects.

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Author: Adrian R from NY

I have just purchased this HGH product. I desperately want to lose weight. But it looks like Somatropinne will not help me. Can anyone recommend another HGH product?

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Author: Javin from US

This HGH product is garbage. Do not ever try it.

Author: Anonymous from Somatropinne Forum

If you don't mind me asking, did you experience side effects or nothing at all? I am worried I will get migraines like I have with other pills like this. Please let me know!

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Author: Anonymous from Somatropinne Forum

I like Somatropinne. Will give it a try.

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Author: Anonymous from Somatropinne Forum

There are other side effects too

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Author: John from Miami

I took one just before dinner as prescribed. I ate a large dinner and went to bed. I woke up congested and my right eye is swollen and I am always thirsty.

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