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Author: Harry A. Eldridge from Provacyl Forum

Provacyl has helped my muscles grow in just a few weeks of taking it. I am able to perform better in the gym and feel less pain in my joints. My T levels have increased, and I'm seeing more stamina than before!

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Author: Anonymous from N/A

Can this be taken by a young 20 something? I have noticed I have a very low sex drive compared to my friends and it bothers me.

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Author: Gramm from London

I think I may have found the fountain of youth! Since I've been taking Provacyl I feel like I'm twenty years younger. My energy is up, my sex drive has improved, and I even lost some weight since I've been taking it.

Author: Jacob from Provacyl Forum

I can report the same for me as well. I am 62 and feel like I am in my 30's again. My wife is one pleased lady because of this! ;)

Author: James from Michigan

Do you take this in the morning or at night? I am a bit confused on how it helps with sex if it is taken in the AM and not at night but if it helps with energy you wouldn't want to take it at night lol

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Author: George from Brooklyn

I really am glad I took a chance and bought Provacyl. I have been having problems with maintaining an erection and my stamina was way down. After taking Provacyl both areas have improved.

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Author: Beau from Huntsville

All I can say is that it works really well for me. It boosted my confidence and made me feel like Superman again in the bedroom.

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Author: Steve from Chicago

I have noticed a slight energy boost, but nothing substantial. Where I am seeing a difference is in the way my skin looks better. That I didn't expect.

Author: Anonymous from Provacyl Forum

I was hoping this could help with my energy over all but I am worried it may not make that much of a difference because I already drink coffee daily.

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Author: Jerry from Houston

I just don't know what to say, it works. I had my doubts, but after a couple of months of increased energy and even some weight loss to boot, I'm a believer.

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Author: Anonymous from Provacyl Forum

As said by others, this helps with skin and I found I lost so much weight, making me look much healthier. Very, very happy with this.

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Author: Joan from Texas

Cheap, effective and works great. Couldn't be happier with this product. Would recommend to anyone looking to gain muscle and lose weight!

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Author: Olivia from Provacyl Forum

I didn't expect much for how much I paid but I'm extremely happy with how it's worked. Weight loss was instant and clearly visible.

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Author: Kevin from Alabama

Fantastic! Had bad times with other products I'd used but this is the opposite. Works better than expected and now I'm looking slimmer than ever!

Author: Martin from New Jersey

I too have had bad problems with other products I've tried. Has it produced any side effects for you?

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Author: Gary from USA

I was happy with the results. Improvement in skin, muscle mass and even loss of fat.

Author: Anonymous from Provacyl Forum

Improvement in skin? I took the product and found no difference with skin. It was good nonetheless but no improvement in my skin.

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Author: Paul R from New York

This isn't the best I've used, but it is definitely one I'd buy again as it's pretty cheap because it works.

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Author: Anonymous from Caligfornia

I don't even know what to say, Provacyl made things so much better!

Author: John Simons from Mersey

Yes, it's great for muscle building. Worked perfectly for me and I don't normally buy these kind of products.

Author: Ted from Provacyl Forum

Is it good for muscle building?

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Author: Brian J from Provacyl Forum

That's a very good HGH product, one of the best I have used in its kind of type I used to be a very nervous person until I started with these especially around people and now I can talk without being nervous, great product!

Author: Anonymous from Provacyl Forum

glad to hear that, i will try this hgh, too

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Author: Anonymous from Provacyl Forum

It increased my libido just in 2 weeks

Author: Alex from France

Mine took 3 weeks but its still just as good really 3 weeks is quick for me anyway i wouldn't mind even waiting for 4 weeks or more as long as it works.

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Author: Wada from Provacyl Forum

It's not bad HGH pills, but not that I need

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Author: Deen from UK

It's the best HGH product I've ever tried!

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Author: fizzer from Provacyl Forum

provacyl is really an effective product and it really enhances your stamena,i personally used it and i recommend you all to give a try.... this is a good provacyl forum with all these provacyl reviews, thanks you all users who posted here!

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Author: Anonymous from Provacyl Forum

My nervousness has decreased with this product. This is what I needed.

Author: Kelly from Pennsylvania

I actually feel like it has helped with my social anxiety. I am not sure if that is what it is suppose to do but I plan on taking it for a long time. I feel so much better around crowds and at parties!

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Author: Mario from Provacyl Forum

I like this HGH product. It is rather effective.

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Author: Anonymous from Provacyl Forum

I'm quite satisfied with it! It reduces irritation adn prolongs erection. And I sleep very well.

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Author: Will from Liverpool

Provacyl is a fantastic HGH product which can return great emotions to your life

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Author: Anonymous from NY

This product is amazing, it's not just hgh product, there are other components too, they boost male libido and erections! Thanks Provacyl!

Author: Charlie from St Louis

That is great to hear. That is exactly where I need it to help. I am going to give it a try and see how it goes.

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Author: Brian5000 from Provacyl Forum

I started taking Provacyl last month and love the results. It's actually good HGH product. Improves mens functions as well.

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Author: Anonymous from Provacyl Forum

not truth - my wife took it for 3 months and it improved her libido!

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Author: Anonymous from Cincinnati, Ohio

No, look for the female enhancement products. You can also try other HGH products. Provacyl is for men only!

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Author: Doug from US

Will it work for my wife?

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Author: Ted from Ontario

Took provacyl for 2 days, no changes.

Author: Chris from Brisbane

I was curious to know if you have started to get results. Is this supposed to work the first day or does it require time to build up in your system?

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Author: Anonymous from Provacyl Forum

Provacyl gave me the energy to improve my work functions, the sex drive to improve my marriage, and the image to improve my self-esteem

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Author: Y from S

When I started taking Provacyl, I began to feel like I was back in the prime of my life

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Author: Anonymous from Provacyl Forum

I'd recommend Provacyl to any man who is afraid of growing older, because now you don't have to

Author: Chuck from Bismark

It's not so much that I'm afraid of getting old, I just don't want to feel like I'm older than I really am. Every man starts to get to a certain age where they need a testosterone boost. I'm ordering Provacyl right now.

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Author: Jason from Phoenix, AZ

Not only do I feel younger but I have the energy to do everything I was missing and for so much longer than I could before.

Author: Bruce from Winnipeg

This is one of the main reasons for me wanting to purchase Provacyl. By the middle of the day I always feel like I have to lie down and take a nap.

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