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HGF Max scores 4.2 out of 5, based on 78 reviews in this HGF Max forum.

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Author: Adriatcman from Slovenija

I am 50 years old, a former active sportsman and I would like to regenerate my muscles, increase my muscles and regenerate my knees. I have a slightly enlarged prostate and I have a medicine that reduces prostate and libido. The medicine is Combodart. I wonder if I can take these hormone pills? I also have a 5cm large cyst in the kidney. Could this increase cyst growth? What do you recommend? Thank you.

Author: Anonymous from HGF Max Forum

These are not hormone pills. HGF Max includes amino acids and other ingredients that may increase your HGH levels. But it does not contain hormones.

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Author: Corey from New York

This is pretty decent. I mean it's not a miracle object by any stretch of the imagination. First off, it helps a LOT with muscle growth, and I notice that it's been helping me to develop leaner muscles, especially in area's I've had problems with before. Why I didn't rate it higher? Becuase this product didn't help me get better slip, or tone my skin too much. For muscle and toning, its ok.

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Author: Oliver from DC

Can I take this for weight loss or is this just for gaining muscle? I am confused on that.

Author: Dantheman from Montana

Hey there Oliver! I been taking this stuff, and it's more for just gaining muscle. It also helps with burning fat. I know, because I been using t for a while now and it helped with losing a lot of fat around my pecs, biceps, and even thighs.

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Author: Jackson from St James

I am so excited with my results my friends are getting sick of me. Any chance I get to be shirtless, I go for it! I have never had a body in this good of shape. I have 8 pack abs and sculpted arms.

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Author: Nicole from Newcastle

I'm pretty impressed so far. In the first two months I lost 12 pounds and feel great. I haven't noticed any of the other benefits yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Author: Becky from HGF Max Forum

Hey there. I recently started wanting to get into body building. Since this is mostly a male sport, I thought I would ask you how long it took you to lose the weight you did and how much muscle gain you had?

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Author: Brian from Hanover

So far so good. I'm on my third month and have lost only three pounds, would have liked to see more. I have noticed after my workouts I don't feel as tired and drained, so that is great. Also, no side effects to report at all.

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Author: Patrick from Kansas City

I have to say the product and the whole purchasing experience is great. I had questions and their support department was more than helpful. I've been taking HGF Max for two months now and I've already lost eight pounds and I'm sleeping better than ever.

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Author: Jack from Edmonton

I absolutely love this product. I'm in my third month and I have already put in another order. This has done wonders for my workout. I have great muscle tone and have lost all excess fat.

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Author: Lea from Dallas

I hear a lot of people talking about a muscle mass increase. I'm a petite woman and I want to look strong and tone, but I don't want a lot of huge muscles. Will this make me look huge or tone?

Author: Cassie from Chicago

I work at a gym in Chicago and I can tell you, you have nothing to worry about. The issue women face is not burning enough fat. It will make you look bulky if you gain muscle under or with fat. Stick to body resistance training and you will be fine.

Author: Christopher Bulken from Cypress, NC

Nahhh. Just don't bulk up. What this stuff does is it increases production of needed proteins and other minerals and stuff you need to repair your muscles, lean them out, and push fat away. As long as you're not focusing on getting bigger you'll just notice your muscles getting tighter

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Author: Don from New York

So far this product has exceeded my expectations. It has really boosted my energy level, and I'm noticing better muscle tone which has helped my workout.

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Author: Margaret from Jacksonville

So far I am very happy with this product. I have only lost 5 pounds in the first month, but it's a start.

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Author: Kate from England

It's very average. Bought after hearing from others that it was amazing but I'm struggling to see how. It really didn't help me much.

Author: Marcia from Portland

I'm sorry to hear it didn't work for you. Were you at least able to return it for a full refund and get your money back?

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Author: Phill from HGF Max Forum

It's good and I'm happy so far. Only used it for 2 weeks so I can't say much but I'm happy with how things are going. I'll update in the next week to tell you how I'm doing.

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Author: P.Mooney from USA

I previously used GHR1000 and I had seen no results but since using this it's completely different. As it says on the tin, I'm finding that I'm full of energy and always up for training. My motivation is at an all time high to succeed.

Author: Arnold from York

See, that is my problem. I have used other products with no success. I am looking for something to give me an energy boost and help me get more motivated in my workout routine. I'm going to give HGF max a try.

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Author: Anonymous from HGF Max Forum

Not like others I've used. This works as soon as you take it and you can feel the difference. More energy, a better sleep and amazing for weight loss. I've had a terrific time so far. I'm very happy.

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Author: Gary from Chesire

The best I've used yet. Taken soon before training and I'm making a lot of progress. I've found that I've lost a lot of weight and gained tons of muscle! This is a great product for a good price.

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Author: Anonymous from HGF Max Forum

I'm surprised this ins't rated 5! It's the best product for increasing muscle mass and I don't have a bad word to say about it.

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Author: Barbara from HGF Max Forum

Great product for weight loss! Had used others before and none had been as good as this.

Author: Becky from Adelaide

I am so happy that you said it works better than others. I have tried several weight loss products and have had no results. I am going to give this a try, hoping for the best.

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Author: Anonymous from HGF Max Forum

Are these worth purchasing? They're quite expensive and wouldn't want to waste my money.

Author: Anonymous from HGF Max Forum

Yes definitely! Worth all the money I paid. Get it and you won't be disappointed.

Author: Cassidy from Home

Depends on what you think is worth spending money on. Personally? I believe going ahead and trying it out won't be harmful at all. Plus, you have a lot of people here who seem to be satisfied with the product. 4.2 (as of last reading) based off of 70+ reviews is pretty good. That means for every 7 people, 1 person wasn't completely satisfied. And the lowest score is a 3 star so far.

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Author: Anonymous from HGF Max Forum

It's hard to find a product as good as this and I'm extremely glad I was able to find HGF Max! If you're wanting better skin and muscle mass then use this.

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Author: Max from HGF Max Forum

I have not seen changes in my weight but I do notice better skin and hair! Been on hgfmax for 20 days.

Author: Anonymous from HGF Max Forum

Same happened with me, but I think I'm seeing some weight changes.

Author: Brian Samson from OK

I experienced little changes my first month then it all kicked it. You have to give it some time. I read that you have to be on any supplement for a solid 48 days before ruling out if it works or not.

Author: Alexander from Pine Valley, Washington

Sadly this stuff isn't something that works from day one. That's because what happens is your body doesn't just accept it all at once and churn out muscle and stuff. It has to get use to it, to absorb it and let it become a part of you. So usually, it takes a few weeks to a few months. Stick with it. You need to make changes to your diet, and exercise as well, but there will be effects. I promise.

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Author: Lucian from USA

HGF Max is the best I've used and let me tell you, I've used a lot of the same products. Would recommend to anyone!

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Author: Bobby from HGF Max Forum

Saw instant results and then they slowed down. It's definitely worth purchasing but it didn't happen as fast I'd have liked.

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Author: Jerry from HGF Max Forum

It took a while, but I'm finally starting to see some results. Skin is feeling better, my muscle mass is improving and it's going well.

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Author: Barry J from HGF Max Forum

It's an unbelievably good product for the money. After using for just 1 week, I've lost fat and gained muscle. Can't ask for much more!

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Author: Barlow from Boston

If you haven't tried this yet, do now as it does everything it says.

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Author: Anonymous from HGF Max Forum

So many good reviews so I thought I'd try this and I'm glad I did. I had used others in the past which promised the same, but they didn't provide the results HGF Max did! Highly recommended.

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Author: Green from HGF Max Forum

Although I didn't lose the amount of fat I wanted, it did do as it said and overall, I'm happy.

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Author: Susan from Manchester

I mainly used this to lose the excess fat I had and it has worked perfectly. I'm now so much lighter compared to before and I have more muscle as well. Excellent!

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Author: Brad from Liverpool

Better skin, increase in muscle mass, but no less fat. Nonetheless, I'm happy with the product and will be buying again.

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Author: Nicky from Scotland

I've gained more muscle since using HGF Max and I've lost a lot of fat. Great product! 5/5.

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