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Author: Eloise from Eloise

where can i buy growth factor plus

Author: Anonymous from Growth Factor Plus Forum

use the links on this page to find their official HGH website

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Author: Anonymous from Growth Factor Plus Forum

No changes in muscle mass. But I noticed that my stomach was not as bloated and it made me feel less sluggish throughout the day. This is not a bad product for sure!

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Author: Joakim from Ethiopia

I have been using growth factor plus with good diet and exercise for 24 days but there is no change at all. I'm 22 and 1.55m tall.

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Author: Ramya from USA

I am very short girl of 150 cm (~4ft11inch). I thought I would atleast reach 5ft 1inch with growth factor plus. I have brought 6 months supply. It has been 3 months but i did not even gain a cm in height. Very bullshit product and did not work as advertised for me.

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Author: Anonymous from U.K.

I've tried the product for 5 weeks now. Haven't grown at all. But I've ordered another bottle. I hope I do eventually grow. Will keep you posted. Did most people grow in their second month or do you think I should ask for a refund?

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Author: Jordan from Massachussetts

Black male, 24yrs. Today's date is 12/14/2017. I'm a real person not a robot. I purchased GF in September. I've grown up to 1 and a half inches I'd say. I can see that others have noticed my height increase because the slight increase in height now makes me appear as a tall person because I was not short to begin with. You need to get sleep, exercise for the product to work. God bless you all GL!

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Author: Anonymous from Growth Factor Plus Forum

Does only your torso grow, or the rest of your body grows proportionally? Any side effects?

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Author: Anonymous from Growth Factor Plus Forum

Customer service is a joke! Still have not gotten my refund back and I'm getting really frustrated!

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Author: hitesh from India

I have finished one month 13 days but still no more thing did growth occur in sudden or little little.

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Author: Anonymous from Growth Factor Plus Forum

Hi I want to try this product for my son he is 12. Do you think it is okay? He is short because I am short as per doctor.

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Author: Chandler from Boise

I've been taking HGH for a little over two months, and I have yet to grow at all. So far I'm not very pleased with this product. I was having problems getting a complete night of sleep without waking up two or three times during the night. Since taking HGH it seems to have helped with that. So I'm not completely dissatisfied with it.

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Author: Amber from San Diego

I figured I would give HGH a try since I had tried other products and I had no results. I'm glad I made that choice. I've been taking it for seven weeks and I have grown a half inch already. I wanted an extra inch, and I just know I'll get there.

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Author: Donny from Phoenix

I bought a 3 month supply and I am in month 2 without any change in height. Overall, I seem to feel better, and a pain that I had in my wrist for the past 6 months has finally gone away. I think it is because of this product because I haven't made any other changes. Now if I can get more height, I will be fully satisfied.

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Author: Carl from Windsor

After reading about what HGH could do for me, I decided to order. After 2 months I am happy to say I am pleased with this product. I've grown one inch and I've noticed reduced joint pain.

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Author: Winston from Trowbridge

This product is absolutely smashing. I've not only grown an inch but most of the aches and pains I felt in several joints have gone away.

Author: Anonymous from Growth Factor Plus Forum

Your age?

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Author: Susan from New York

I do like that this is organic and has all natural ingredients. Has anybody experienced any jitters or side effects?

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Author: Bob from Seattle

I've just started taking it a few weeks ago so I haven't noticed any growth yet. I have noticed that I feel more energized. Cant'wait to see more from this product.

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Author: Emily from UK

I first purchased this product almost three months ago. The first month I didn't notice anything. Now that I'm almost done with my third month I have grown almost an inch. I was hoping for more, but I am satisfied with this product.

Author: Anonymous from Dk

Your age

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Author: Nick from US

I had my doubts, but this product does work. After 2 months of use I've grown an inch and the half. It's simply amazing!

Author: Anonymous from Turkey

Please swear. Does it really work? I dont know your age. But I 22 years old ? How much does it work?

Author: Nick from Growth Factor Plus Forum

Yes it works. I'm 25, took Growth Factor HGH for 6 months and added totally 2 inches. Good result!

Author: Joakim from Ethiopia

How long did it take you to increase height?

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Author: frank from Growth Factor Plus Forum

i tried it for a month, i didnt grew at all, but i got the full refund. not bad anyway!

Author: Jim from Boston

I think that might be a motivating factor for me to try this. At least they stand behind their product.

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