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GHR 15 scores 2.3 out of 5, based on 46 reviews in this GHR 15 forum.

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Author: Roland from SK Canada

Used it years ago: spectacular, but could not continue. Started again recently, superb results very quickly again; no negative effects.

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Author: Eagan from GHR 15 Forum

Don't like it at all

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Author: Madel from GHR 15 Forum

No changes for a long time

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Author: Einar from GHR 15 Forum

I'm not satisfied with results of this HGH product

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Author: Anonymous from GHR 15 Forum

I lost 5 kilos and feel younger.

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Author: Lyserg from Oslo

I didn't reach desired effect of using this HGH product

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Author: Anonymous from Texas

My arm muscles have become larger, tighter and stronger with very, very little effort. GHR 15 works!!!

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Author: Anonymous from GHR 15 Forum

For three straight months, my breathing has improved, thanks ghr15

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Author: Patricia from France

they lost my parcel with 5 bottles of this hgh product!

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Author: Charles from CA

no weight loss, no more energy

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Author: Anonymous from GHR 15 Forum

After taking the GHR15 for seven weeks, according to what I can see, my vision has improved in the daylight.

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Author: Anonymous from London, UK

Will GHR15 cause addiction?

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Author: Cameron from Oregon

bad hgh

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Author: Milton from GHR 15 Forum

my personal experience with GHR15 was negative

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Author: Anonymous from US

I've been noticing some improvements

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Author: Sylvia from New Jersey

Before taking GHR-15, my IGF-1 blood level was at 169, after 3 months it rose to 175 which is not enough

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